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Product Description


Sport Displays Jersey Mounts are the easiest and most affordable way to proudly show off your favorite jersey, uniform, sweater, t-shirt or costume.  With its unique design the Jersey Mount is the only hanger on the market that can be mounted to any surface! That’s right it can be mounted to glass, plastic, cement, pull up banners, signs, trade show caging, brick, cars, windows and of course to either wall or ceiling!

The innovative mount design Sport Displays Jersey Mounts offers, allow you to make every day into game day with its #MountSnapHang feature.  Simply snap the jersey Mount rod on and off to gain access to your favorite jersey.


Decorate your children’s rooms with their favorite jersey, costume or outfit!

Create your man cave at an affordable price!

Hang it from either the wall or ceiling!


Want to make the Jersey Mount personal?  That’s right you can brand the jersey hanger with names, numbers, slogans, quotes, stats, images, or logos.  Put your child’s stats on the jersey hanger to create a lasting memory and keepsake.  Let everyone know that your child was born a (insert team name here) Fan!

Features of The Jersey Mount are:

  • Affordably priced ($49.99 retail)
  • Easiest Add-On sale to all jersey, uniform, t-shirt or sweater sales.
  • Easy to install (can be installed with two screws provided or 3M command strips)
  • Can be hung from any surface (even on the ceiling)
  • Custom Branding available (Our Jersey Mounts can be branded throughout the bar and on two sides)
  • Snap & Go feature allows for easy access to your favorite jersey on Game Day!


Who will buy The Jersey Mount?


This is a question we thought we had answered until a month ago! Originally, Sport Displays created the Jersey Mount for one reason and one reason only, which was for sport fans of all ages to proudly and professionally hang their favorite jersey, t-shirt, or sweater to either the wall or ceiling at an affordable price!  It wasn’t until we introduced our product to retailers, buyers and our consumers that we learned that our Jersey Mounts can be used for much more including;

  • Hang up all jersey types and styles.
  • Use for display in retail stores for t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses, jewelry, scarfs and much more!
  • Kids room to hang up their favorite costume or outfit.
  • Military, Police, Fire and all other uniforms.
  • Cheer-leading outfits.
  • Use it for camping to hang towels and bathing suits.


Where can you find the Jersey Mount?

Sport Displays Jersey Mounts can be purchased online on our website.  You can also find us on Amazon and we will be featured on HSN in the upcoming months.  Sport Displays Jersey Mounts will soon be available across North America in many national chains along with numerous retail locations.  Our Jersey Mounts will also be offered to purchase in many stadiums throughout North America covering all major sports leagues.


The Jersey Mount is also great for:

  • Fund raising for teams, league, clubs, charities and organizations!
  • Store Merchandising.
  • Add on sale for jersey, t-shirt, sweater, costume, uniform sales!
  • Decorate your room, basement, office, man cave and much more with your favorite jersey!
  • Anything you want to show off and hang up, Sport Displays Jersey Mounts are the product for you!


Product Info:

Sizes:  Currently sold in four sizes of 14, 18, 24 and 28 inches.  Using these four mount sizes we have found we are able to cover all types and sizes of jerseys, uniforms and costumes.  We are however, able to customize our Mounts to any size!

Color:  Our product is made in a metallic silver color, however for larger orders we are able to customize the color of the mount and bar to any color that exists.

Installation:  Jersey Mounts are packaged with two screws, however customers are able to mount our hangers using 3M Command tape found at most dollar stores or any home hardware type of store.  Jersey Mounts can be mounted to almost any surface and are most commonly mounted to either the wall or ceiling.

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14 Inches, 18 Inches, 24 Inches, 28 inches



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